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Ryan Mischevious


Reboot 2.0

You know, this community didn't last very long but every once in a blue moon I get requests to join so I might reboot it. Last time I didn't get any comments to restart it but it was kind of fun. If I get a decent amount of response it's back on, although knowing me I'll probably start it again even if no one is downloading or requesting anything.

Enjoy below as little preview.


ReVive This Community?

I stopped posting because no one even download the music or requested. Or maybe people just downloaded but didn't comment. Either way, I've gotten a lot of requests to join lately. Should I start posting music again?


Apply To Join

If you'd like to join the community simply comment with the following information:

Name (First Only):
Favorite Artist:
Favorite Music Genera:
Would you be able to share?



If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them here. Don't forget to check the rules/faq first to see if you're question hasn't already been answered. Also, take a look at those who have commented before you to see if someone else hasn't already asked your question.



Want to request an specific song, or album? Well this is the place to ask. Please make sure someone else hasn't already requested the same thing. Check the archive as well, to see if what you wanted isn't already up. Multiple comments regarding the same thing will be deleted without warning. Comments which requests already have been fulfilled will be deleted as well.