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dark_light_88 in bydeafult_music

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If you'd like to join the community simply comment with the following information:

Name (First Only):
Favorite Artist:
Favorite Music Genera:
Would you be able to share?


Name (First Only): Cassandra
Age: 20
Favorite Artist: I don't think I could ever choose an absolute favorite artist since I listen to so much music, but I've been consistently enjoying The Academy Is..., Bob Marley & the Wailers, Ashley Parker Angel, The Eagles, Pink Floyd, Esthero, Something Corporate, Jack's Mannequin, Fall Out Boy, Hanson, Tegan and Sara, Panic! at the Disco ... and more, but this is getting long.
Favorite Music Genre: Any type of rock (indie, classic, piano, "emo", etc.)
Would you be able to share? Indeed I would be able to.
Reuqest to join, and I will approve you. :)